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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ive realized lifes to short to sit back and get upset over family problems, i cant change whats going on, as much as id liek to i cant . The only thing i can do is sit back and deal with it. For people who are going threw tough times... dont worry aboutta thing everything always gets better:)
Live as if it were your last day.

Laugh like youve never laughed before.

Love as if it were the last thing youll do.

My animals!..... WELL SOME OF THEM!



Scary pictures!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana handbag for sale!

I have a large dolce and gabbana handbag that ive been trying to sell for a couple of weeks now, there is nothing wrong with the bag i just really need the money.

There is nothing wrong with the bag no rips, tares, or staines. I really hate to sell it but once again im in need of cash. This is a pretty unique bag i havent seen one like it, ive gotten so many complaments while holding the bag because of its unique style.
Description: Brown snakeskin design, soft exterior, with a chocolate brown interior. Has cell phone pocket, zip pocket, and alsoanother pocket next to the cell phone pocket. On exterior it has only one zip pocket. This pure can be uncliped on the side to make it bigger as seen in picture 2. purse zips shut and also buckles. $30/bo EMAIL IF INTERESTED! Needs to go A.S.A.P. willing to nagociate. Pokey329@hotmail.com
Email if interested! willing to ship if needed!