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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good bye animals :(

My moms been telling me to look for homes for my animals im dreading that day when i have to give them up. Just to fill you in i have.... 2 goats 25 chickens 1 dog 1 cat and 2 fish. Unfortuently when the family splits me and my mom are going to an apartment so... No large animals allowed. Ive dreaded the day where my dog dies for years. And now i wont even be able to see him finish grow up. Everyone keeps telling me its going to get better at first i had hope. But now ive since completly lost it

Nothing could possibly get worse... Part 1

It was a typical sunday in the petrillo house. Finished my daily chores and sat down to relax till mom got home.while relaxing my dad came by and agravated me like he usually does but today i just wasnt in the mood. He and my mom have had problems since i was born and it has since escallated. This verry day was the last straw she was done, after 25 years of bein miserable. Noone believed her because shes said it before. But she was serious a day later she began sleeping upstairs in the spare bedroom. A few days went by and she began going out with her friends and a week later she went down to the court house and filed for a divorce. Throughout this time ive been stressed out and venting to my boy friend of 2 years, and ive stressed him out to. My lifes going down in ruins and i have noone that understands me. My older brother runs off to his friends and my older sisters consevieing her first child. My family was never perfect but it was the only family i had. Check out my next blog to see what happens!