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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A friday night.

It was a typical friday night i had just gotten home from my boy friends house and the phone rang... it was my best friend christine who ive known since 1st grade. So i picked it up and she began telling me how one of our mutual friends was talking trash about her and how she was goign to send her a message on facebook, befor she  could even began typing i told her to just ignore it but if she thougth it was absolutly neccassary to te;; her that  you dont know me nd nor do i know you, that well and quite frankly i have nop problem with you. Either we be sible to each other or neither of us speak to eachother at all. I thought i was doing a good job of telling her what i thought but insted she just sat there and bickered with her the whole time we were on the phone. To be perfectly honest its better to be the bigger person in a situation than the person that escallates it.

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